Wendy shed

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Wendy shed (an outbuilding for Hauser + Wirth, Somerset)


A flexible and utilitarian creative space set within the garden of the Maltings.


thick linear walls define a strong relationship north to south and relate the garden to the artist’s living space. The original function of the shed is maintained inside these thick walls, which provide storage space accessed through exterior doors along the facade. Interior shelving provides storage for the artist and links to the main structure of the building. Deep east/west windows penetrate the shed walls and are captured within the cadence of the shelving. Between the two walls is a simple open room for the artist to improvise and experience the garden. Sheltered gathering spaces are created at each entry to the shed and directly relate the garden to the studios.


Entry into Hauser + Wirth Somerset Shed competition.




©2015 mandy johnson & james jarzyniecki

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