Multi-generational house

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Multi-generational house


It is very important in a home to have a connection to natural light and the outdoors, as well as for its family members to have a connection with each other. This multigenerational housing unit design engages both these connections and creates dynamic integrations between the two. 


The house is contained within a single story for fluid mobility and interaction among the family members. A central courtyard anchors the home, providing natural light, fresh air, and views. Program solids containing service functions of the house are arranged around the courtyard and organize the living spaces. A system of thickened walls then interacts with these solids to enclose the private sleeping functions of the house. Openings within the thickened walls create a flexible boundary between public and private areas of the house by directing views across shared spaces of the house: a visual layering of activitiy. A circulation ring wraps the central courtyard and swells to become common areas that are filtered between the program solids. The scale of these common spaces adjusts as the house transitions from public to private. The public and private areas of the house each contain an exterior terrace. The organization of the home provides the comfortable distance necessary while allowing dynamic opportunities for interaction. 

When units are stacked, the central courtyard and apertures provide opportunity for interaction between multiple families within the whole complex. 






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