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Hans Christian Anderson Museum


Apothecary garden

A restored apothecary garden is at the center of Odense. It is a healing garden that sustains residents and welcomes visitors. The neighborhood cares for the garden and the garden refreshes the people. A strong connection between the neighborhood and the garden is necessary for the longevity of each.
Yellow house

A yellow limestone house is made within the apothecary garden. The house contains fairytales and connects the neighborhood to the garden. Larger yet similar to H.C. Anderson’s childhood home, this yellow house too contains living, dining and bedrooms. Visitors and residents are freely welcome to the living and dining spaces while guests with tickets participate in and experience what is held in the bedrooms. Staggered floors allow daylight deep into exhibition spaces below garden level. Contained within the earth is a fantasy world of immersive fairytale scenes.

Removing and selectively filling portions of the neighborhood currently occupied by museum buildings repairs the city fabric and the placement of the yellow house creates a new street with a garden and square. This street connects the museum to the Yellow House and the neighborhood to the garden.


Collaboration with James Jarzyniecki






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