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Boston’s ‘three decker’ typology and its meaning are in decay.

People, too, have changed. Just as the earth wants to take back the buildings, people want to take back the earth.
There is a new generation of makers, of tactility, of immersion with the land.
Let the buildings decay. Let the earth move in. Only then will strangers come together and create something new.


Two houses are made from an existing abandoned triple-decker in Boston, MA. Rather than being stacked, the homes are placed side by side and shifted off-center. Linking the homes together is a shared production space on the upper level; making the building as a whole a collaborative atelier.

The grid of a typical three decker house is maintained and re-imagined. Volumes are carved from its form and voids are cut into its floors and walls to bring the environment closer to its inhabitants.


Preliminary competition entry into the 2014 Rotch Traveling Scholarship

Selected as finalist




©2014 mandy johnson

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