Berlin youth hostel addition

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Berlin youth hostel addition


With the goal of activating the entire site with useable space, a building that is very reactive to existing conditions is proposed. Anchored by the street on one side and vegetation on the other, the building takes on two languages to create differing conditions of public space. A system of folding walls defines both interior and exterior spaces and allows for a flexibility of movement and spatial connections.

Construction and materiality of the building facilitates the distinct language of the two main building components. The street side of the building is constructed of concrete. Thick walls and floors allow for heating and cooling systems. The space utilizes natural ventilation through a system of cross opening windows on both floors. The courtyard side of the building is constructed with a mullion system. Frequent operable panels allow for natural ventilation here as well. A patchwork system of colored frit layering and shading creates lighting control and load reduction, as well as a variable pattern across the façade.





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